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The APIX platform is a robust innovation lab on the cloud. It promotes collaboration between major Financial Institutions and leading FinTechs to accelerate innovation that deliver tangible business results.

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Case Studies: How Financial Institutions and FinTechs collaborated on APIX

Prudential's Flagship Open Innovation

Inspired by the 99 submissions last year, Pru Fintegrate 2021 launches to seek solutions that serve the entire national populations, or a particular demographic group, to lead healthier lives or manage their wealth with more resilience.

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Global CBDC Challenge

Participants for the CBDC Challenge were invited to address 12 problem statements relating to CBDC Instrument, CBDC Distribution and CBDC Infrastructure; covering topics such as inclusivity, interoperability and programmability. The challenge received 300 submissions from more than 50 countries.

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Cantilan Bank - A Rural Bank

Through the use of features and sandboxes available on the platform, with the support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), IFC, and Geniusto. Philippines Cantilan Bank (CANBNK) has launched its new mobile banking application "ICAN".

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How FinTechs can Leverage APIX

Explore a world of opportunities for growing your business

Gain Access

View the most promising opportunities and intractable challenges that FIs are looking to address

Global Reach

These opportunities and challenges are from FIs across the world

Gain Understanding

Interact with FIs in a consistent manner through APIX to gain much better understanding of the opportunities and challenges

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