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  • Browse through the API Catalog

    • 1) Upon login, navigate to the API Catalog in the Sandbox where you will be able to browse through available APIs in the catalog.
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  • Subscribe to an API

    • 1) Navigate through the API profile page where you can view the General Information, Technical Information, Security Details, Agreements and Reviews before subscribing.
    • 2) If the details of the API are in line with your requirements you can go ahead and subscribe to it.
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  • Contribute to the API after subscription

    • 1) You will receive a notification email once the API subscription is approved by the Admin of the Organization that owns the API. (Note : A subscription approval may not be applicable for all APIs)
    • 2) Once subscribed, you will be able to access the forum discussions along with the other details that were visible before subscription. You will be able to post a thread or view the current discussions.
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    • 3) You will also be able to post a review after subscription.
    • 4) To try out the API, navigate to Go To Console button.
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  • View Version details and Documentation in the Console

    • 1) Once you navigate to the console you will be able to view the version details, documentation, try out the end points using the APIX and publisher credentials.
      • a) Version details tab: Gives the details of the API version
      • b) Documentation tab: Documentation is available for each end point of the API
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  • Try out the end points using the credentials

    • 1) Navigate to APIX Access Token and enter your Username and Password to Get the Authentication Token. Copy the generated Access Token using the icon
    • 2) Navigate to the Try out tab: Click on an end point you want to try and click on try out. You can now try this end point using the Access Token you obtained
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