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APIX Starter Kit

Your starter pack includes resources which will help you Explore, Experiment and Execute within the platform.

Training Programme


Browse through the FAQ page to see if your question has been answered already.


Onboard your FinTech, FI, System Integrator or Central Bank and begin your journey with APIX. Are you having trouble onboarding? Have a look at our Guides below.

Explore the FinTech, FI or System Integrator catalogs and discover organizations that can support your needs.

System Integrator


Onboard your API and make it available to other users on the platform.

Explore the API catalog and discover APIs that will suit your organization’s needs.

Try out and test the endpoints of the APIs you have subscribed to using the API console.

Problem Statement

Post a problem and collaboratively resolve your business problems.

Contribute to a problem statement by providing your ideas and tagging APIs published by your organization.


Onboard new or existing solutions to solve business problems faced by Financial organizations.


Utilize the IDE to try out and test multiple endpoints from various APIs.


Engage with the APIX community by posting and contributing to discussion threads under various categories.

Training Material

Review our Training Material guides to receive step-by-step support for key interactions on the APIX Platform.