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  • Browse through the Subscribed APIs section to view the subscribed smart bank APIs

    • 1) Upon login, navigate to Subscribed APIs in the Sandbox where you will be able browse through the list of APIs your organization has subscribed to.
    • 2) Search for Smart Bank APIs.
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  • Access the console to try out end points of the smart bank API

    • 1) From Subscribed APIs section choose a smart bank API which you wish to try out.
    • 2) To try out the API navigate to the console by clicking on the Go to Console button.
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  • Getting the access token to try out the API

    • 1) Once you navigate to the console, try out the end points using the APIX and Publisher credentials.
    • 2) Select the version you wish to try out and navigate to APIX Access Token tab. Enter your APIX Username and Password to get the Authentication Token. Copy the generated Access Token using the icon
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  • Try out the end points using the access token.

    • 1) Navigate to the Try out tab: Click on an endpoint you wish to try out and click on the try out button.
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    • 2) Once the values for the parameters are entered and the access token is entered in the “X-Authorization” field, you can try out the endpoint by clicking on the execute button. The results will be shown as below.
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