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  • Equinix and AFIN Partner to Offer Enhanced
    Infrastructure Services for Financial
    Institutions and FinTechs' Collaboration

  • FinTech Success. FI Transformation.

    Our Only Goals

    Get started as Fintech, System Integrator, Financial Institution or Central Bank

  • FinTechs funded Series B
    and below

    Get complimentary 12 months access

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    Additional benefits for Fintechs

To avail of the free membership, the following conditions need to be met –
  1. Self attest that you are FinTech funded Series B or below during the onboarding process.
  2. Please provide details of Fintech Associations’ membership, if your FinTech has any. You might be eligible for promotions from these associations.
  3. Your organization profile on the APIX platform should be 100% completed with relevant information.
  4. You need to ensure your APIs or solutions are onboarded and their end points are working. The status of the end points are displayed in the API tiles on the platform. This would attract the financial institutions to test your APIs.
Note: The APIX support team does periodic checks on end points. If your API is found to be not working, a representative will contact you via email. You are requested to get the end point working immediately. Your complimentary membership may be revoked if your APIs are not working within 90 days.

How APIX works

Sign up

Sign up

Become an APIX member and join our ecosystem of FinTechs and Financial Institutions

Post your problem

Post your problem

Get advice and identify potential solutions from our pre-vetted community of FinTechs and Financial Institutions

Make your prototype

Make your prototype

Create prototypes to validate that the solution will work for your business


APIX is the world’s first cross-border, open architecture API marketplace and sandbox platform for collaboration between FinTechs and Financial Institutions.


Work with credible FinTechs on our secure platform

Discover international FinTechs, minimizing due diligence effort

Create successful prototypes in days

Create production ready prototypes on our secure platform

Harness the knowledge of the community

Seamlessly collaborate with industry players to support and solve each other's problems. Boost internal learning and development

Build market credibility

Listing as a vetted APIX FinTech increases the credibility of your brand, making it easier to sell to new clients

Connect with qualified clients

Understand client problem statements and qualify leads rapidly, enabling you to focus on clients that will help you grow your business

Minimize the time and cost to develop prototypes and PoCs on our secure platform

Avoid lengthy ramp-up times and rapidly demonstrate your APIs' value to Financial Institutions through our sandbox

Raise your visibility with investors

Use APIX to promote your solution to leading investment companies to help you accelerate and scale

Protect your IP; ensure regulatory compliance

Decide who you want to share your APIs with through our secure-by-design APIX platform and receive guidance on local compliance issues from our community and regulators

Ready to get started?

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Collaborate with our Community

The APIX platform is a robust Innovation Lab on the cloud. It promotes collaboration between major Financial Institutions and leading FinTechs to accelerate innovation projects that deliver tangible business results.


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