chekFin empowers Financial Institutions to easily identify and assess the capabilities and credibility of leading FinTech players. It supports them to fast-track the adoption of new technologies, and in turn, establishes a credible FinTech ecosystem for long-term sustainable development.


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What chekFIN has to offer

Created in collaboration with Temasek-founded Affinidi, chekFIN is a modern and secure platform that is supported by a global database of FinTech firms and built using the latest generation of Internet Web 3.0 services which will provide a decentralised, open standard, and trust-based solution.

Find Relevant FinTechs

Find your next potential partner through a comprehensive taxonomy and tagging system and multiple categories that ensure easy navigation and relevant search results.

Access Comprehensive Repository of Critical Data

Take advantage of a wide range of aggregated information such as detailed profiles on management teams, client offerings, geographical presence, funding obtained, and much more.

Evaluate Complex Standards with Ease

Easily evaluate and compare technology compliance, risk-management readiness and security standards across relevant FinTechs.

Use Verifiable Credentials for Assessment

Our consent-driven and cryptographically secure Verifiable Credentials provide a means to assess a potential partner’s digital reputation and credibility. These include references from customers, awards won and grants received.

Digital-First Innovation

With discovery smoothened, evaluation streamlined and blockers removed, our user-centered process will enable innovation to take place in accelerated turnaround times.

Join the League with Pioneer Financial Institutions

This robust framework has already gained industry acceptance from leading Financial Institutions from Asia, Europe and the United States.

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