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Case Studies: How Financial Institutions and FinTechs collaborated on APIX

Cantilan Bank - Going Mobile

A Rural Bank in Philippines, Cantilan leveraged APIX's platform and sandbox to launch its next-gen mobile banking app 'ICAN', in partnership with Geniusto, ADB and IFC.

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Prudential's Flagship Open Innovation

Inspired by the 99 submissions last year, Pru Fintegrate 2021 launches to seek solutions that serve the entire national populations, or a particular demographic group, to lead healthier lives or manage their wealth with more resilience.

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APIX AI Sandbox

Develop and test for rapid prototyping of solutions that validate AIDA solutions against the FEAT principles. Leverage as many of these APIs as you like in your development and experimentation journey.

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Effective and efficient search capabilities built on standardized taxonomy and classification, to ensure search results are relevant

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    <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(26, 27, 31)">Akbank is founded in Adana on January 30, 1948, as a privately-owned commercial bank, within the framework of the consent granted by the Council of Ministers' decision dated 12.12.1947 and numbered 3/6710, to carry out all kinds of banking transactions and to perform any kind of economic, financial and commercial initiatives and activities that are not prohibited by the Laws of the Republic of Türkiye, for the purpose of providing resources and support to the cotton producers in Adana. Akbank opened our first Istanbul branch in Sirkeci on 14 July 1950. After our Headquarters was relocated to Istanbul in 1954, we rapidly increased the number of our branches and we automated all banking transactions in 1963.</span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(26, 27, 31)">Akbank continues to serve our customers in the fields of corporate and investment banking, commercial banking, SME banking, consumer banking, payment systems, private banking, investment services, and treasury transactions. In addition to standard banking services, bank also provides services in the insurance sector through branches. Akbank provides insurance agency services on behalf of Aksigorta A.Ş. and AgeSA Hayat ve Emeklilik A.Ş.</span> <span class="colour" style="color:rgb(26, 27, 31)">Akbank is able to develop innovative product solutions for its customers' different financial needs via our affiliates of Akbank AG, Ak Lease, Ak Investment, Ak Asset Management, and Ak Öde. </span>

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