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Pre-Fab illustrates how we can digitalize a customer journey by using the building blocks of APIs. APIX is working with its fintech members to create ready to use digital customer journeys. In addition, the Financial Institution will have the option to swap in or out an API provider based on the functionality that they are looking for.


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How Does Pre-Fab help me ?

Pre-fabricated, ready to use, end-to-end customer journeys configured for single or multiple business processes specifically designed to accelerate and de-risk digital transformation.

We guide the way

APIX will guide business owners and innovation managers within your organization to identify the most optimum customer journeys that would help your digitalization effort.

Choose your API provider

You are in control with Pre-Fab, choose your preferred API provider for the customer journey.

Build capacity

Save on time, effort and cost as APIX helps you build capacity to go digital.

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