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Training Library

Become a Master of APIX

Become a Master of APIX – Utilize our step by step training articles to ramp up your knowledge on all things APIX, and become an innovator on the APIX platform today.

Available Training Materials
  • How to onboard your FinTech organisation
  • How to utilise the APIX SEO for faster Discovery by FIs
  • How to Publish APIs
  • How to create and use IDE
  • How to upload your solution, created on IDE or GitHub
Explore the Marketplace

Explore the Marketplace – Explore our marketplace where you can utilize communication and collaboration tools to connect with FinTechs, Financial Institutions and leverage the power of APIs to boost your innovation process.

Available Training Materials
  • API Catalog
  • FinTech Catalog
  • Financial Institution Catalog
  • System Integrators Catalog
  • Creating a Problem Statement
Experiment in the Sandbox

Experiment in the Sandbox - Learn how to experiment with APIs and use synthetic data to create rapid prototypes which address business problems faced by Financial Institutions.

Available Training Materials
  • Explore an API Using the API Catalog
  • Explore and Test a FinTech API Using Swagger UI Interface
  • Explore and Test a Synthetic Smartbank API Using Swagger UI Interface
  • IDE: Getting Started
  • Develop an Angular 6.0 Based Prototype Using Synthetic Smartbank API and FinTech API
  • How to Use Synthetic Data for Experimentation
  • Develop an iOS App Using Percipient Mock Bank APIs and FinTech’s iOS SDK
Available Training Materials
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