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Digital TWINN

Digital TWINN is a digital model of a bank’s savings, deposit and loans systems. It includes a library of 60+ banking APIs and sample banking data that support the design of a retail banking customer journey. Digital TWINN eliminates the need to connect to a bank’s actual systems and is invaluable for testing new software or trialling new applications.


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What Digital TWINN has to offer

Core Banking Systems (CBS) are the processing engines used by banks to handle high volume transactions. It is crucial for banks to ensure that these systems do not suffer prolonged outages which can result in regulatory scrutiny, customer complaints and loss of revenue. To minimise any such disruptions, banks are generally reluctant to allow new software to be integrated with their CBS until it is ready for production.  However, this leads to gaps in software testing as there is no way to check its compatibility with the bank’s processors and to verify the end-to-end process.  

Digital TWINN is built to accurately replicate a bank’s back-end system. It captures all the key components of CBS and is therefore ideal for any bank or FinTech wishing to comprehensively test new digital applications without any impact on the bank’s actual CBS.

System Simulation

The Digital TWINN is built to accurately replicate a bank’s back end system and is ideal for comprehensively testing back-end integrations without impacting the bank’s actual CBS.

Modern Banking

The Digital TWINN embeds the features offered by a modern CBS that can be used to design a modern customer journey, while waiting for completion of a bank’s system modernization

Production Readiness

New applications can put through their paces within an near-actual backend environment, allowing faults to be corrected and ensuring a smooth implementation process

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