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OXYGEN by APIX is a one and only knowledge platform dedicated to the digital economy, platforms and ecosystems committed to mastery in sharing knowledge and developing the leaders of tomorrow globally.


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How does OXYGEN by APIX help me?

OXYGEN by APIX brings in thought leaders, practitioners and experts through a medley of marquee events, debate forums, research white papers, podcasts to drive the platforms' and ecosystems' agenda forward.

Bring in the best of best

We’ve got the top notch leaders of the industry in one space, providing world-class sessions you could benefit from.

Build trendsetters of today & leaders of tomorrow

Refresh yourself with topics of great foresight as the world of finance and technology moves forward in lightspeed every day.

Advance your career and deepen your wisdom

Get certified with us as you build skills of different areas of the industry. Our widely recognised certifications are issued in collaboration with leading global universities.

Grow with us everyday

Our global community and variation of topics widen daily. Be a part of OXYGEN by APIX as we share knowledge with the world.

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